Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

We need to understand your idea of Beauty

Cosmetic Dentistry can involve a large number of procedures designed to help people achieve a more attractive smile.

These Include:

  • Tooth Whitening
  • Reshaping Teeth
  • Composite Bondings
  • Orthodontic treatment including Invisalign
  • Replacing old, stained fillings
  • Veneers or Crowns
  • Replacing Missing Teeth



Ceramic Veneer

Crown Lengthening, Ceramic Crown, Ceramic Veneer, Composite Bonding

Ceramic Crowns and Ceramic Veneers

Invisalign, Tooth reshaping, Composite Bonding



This large range of choices means that it can be hard to determine exactly what each person wants to create their ideal smile.

Some people may only need or want a single tooth changed. Others may need a full smile, or even a full mouth makeover.


At Plaza Dental Dr Martin Cahill, and Dr Monika Behrens have a real passion for helping patients achieve their ideal smile.

This starts with a consultation where they talk you about what your concerns are and what you would like to see when we are finished.

This is the most important step of the process, as unless we understand exactly what you want it is difficult to deliver.

If there is a simple solution for your concerns we may be able to outline the treatment options at that appointment, but often we will want to get records such as photos, x-rays and even molds of your teeth so that we can study your concerns in detail.

At another appointment we will then run through options for your treatment, and are often able to give you a really good idea of what we think things will look like when we are finished.

At times a third appointment may be needed to really sort everything out to make sure everyone is completely happy with what is planned before we proceed to any treatment.

Even though this can seem like a lot of time before any treatment is started we feel this is the best approach for several reasons


  • It gives us time to get to know you, and for you to get to know us, so that we can make sure everyone feels comfortable with each other.


  • Many Dental procedures are irreversible so it is important that you fully understand what is involved, and the limitations of the treatment before we start.


  • It gives us time to make sure we are addressing all of your concerns, which reduces the likely hood of needing to make changes on the fly so as to avoid disappointment.


If you have anything about your smile you would like us to look at please book online or contact us on 4942 3272.

  • All photos except the metal teeth show our work