Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a process that generally uses a peroxide to whiten the teeth. There are several ways that is done, two of which are used at Plaza Dental.

  • Take Home Bleaching of all teeth.
  • In Surgery bleaching of all teeth. ( not available here, see below)
  • Take home Bleaching of Individual discoloured (dark) teeth


Take Home or Tray Bleaching

 Take home bleaching is used  when you want your teeth to look generally whiter. Impressions or molds are taken of your teeth, and the bleaching gel is placed in these and the are worn for a couple of hours each day or overnight. A relatively low concentration of Whitening gel is used and the teeth whiten over time. The amount of time it takes depends on how much lighter you want your teeth to be , and how your teeth respond, but for most people it takes between 10 days and 3 weeks.

There are a number of advantages of take home whitening over in surgery whitening

  • More reliable – people’s teeth respond differently, so we can get consistent results with take home whitening, sometimes all it needs is extra gel, wheras with in surgery you may need an extra treatment, or to do take home whitening also.
  • Less Sensitivity – because a lower concentration gel is used, people report less sensitivity with take home compared to in – surgery
  • Easily repeatable – because tooth whitening doesn’t last for ever, if you keep your trays, you can do a top up every year  or so. it usually only takes less than a week and requires one tube of the whitening gel which costs less than $20.

The only disadvantage is that it takes longer ( assuming you get the result you want first time with in surgery).


After – Invisalign and take home whitening






Whitening of Discoloured Tooth

This process is used when an individual tooth which is heavily discloured or dark needs to be whitened to try and match other teeth.  These teeth are not alive and have had root canal treatment. Often they were subject to trauma. The process involves placing the whitening gel inside the tooth, either a low concentration gel which again uses a tray to hold it in place, or a higher concentration which is sealed in place with a temporary filling. Your dentist will discuss which is more appropriate for your situation.

Before (at first appointment gel in tray inside tooth at the back)

After 4 days of home whitening with gel in tray in tooth