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Invisalign is a method for straightening teeth using clear aligners. These are thin trays which fit over your teeth. Each set of aligners move your teeth slightly toward the desired result, and is worn for 22hrs per day for about 2 weeks. Treatment time is similar or shorter to that of conventional orthodontics (braces). Many treatments which traditionally required braces are able to be done as, or more effectively using Invisalign.

Advantages of Invisalign

  • No wires or brackets attached to your teeth. The invisalign aligners are clear and as the name suggests almost invisible. They also smoother on your cheeks and gums.
  • You are able to clean and floss your teeth normally. Because the aligners are removable it is much easier to maintain good oral hygeine and prevent decay and gum problems
  • You are able to eat whatever you want. Again because the aligners are removable you don’t have to worry about food getting caught around the braces.
  • Over 3 million patients treated world-wide with a 97% satisfaction.
  • Invisalign is suitable for both Teenagers and Adults. As long as you wear your aligners your teeth will get straighter.
  • The treatment planning software enables you to see an approximation of what the end result will look like, to help you understand what can be achieved.

invisalign mackay

Disadvantages of Invisalign

  • Patient commitment required. Because they are removable they DON’T work unless you wear them. This means for 22 hours a day, every day for between 6 and 18 months depending on the complexity of your case. This means they are removed to eat, drink and clean your teeth, but the rest of the time they should be left in, including at night when you sleep. THE MORE YOU WEAR THEM, THE BETTER THEY WORK
  • Some complex cases are still better treated with conventional orthodontics.

Looking to get Invisalign in Mackay?

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If you would like to see some of our Invisalign results you can view these here.