CAD-CAM Dentistry & Technology

CAD-CAM Dentistry & Technology

CAD-CAM Dentistry

Plaza Dental was the first practice in the Mackay area to have invested in the technology to allow us to make ceramic crowns and other restorations on-site, often in a single appointment.

The CEREC system, from German Dental Compant Sirona allows us to take digital images of the prepared teeth and other teeth, avoiding the need to take impressions. From the scan, the software allows us to design your new restoration with tolerances of 0.01mm. The restoration is then milled from the highest quality ceramic block, and then fitted and cemented to your tooth. In over 90% of cases when only one or two restorations are required the whole process can be completed in a single appointment.


This contrasts with the traditional method where an impression (or mould) of the teeth is made and sent to a technician. In many cases this is then digitally scanned and similar technology to ours is used to fabricate the crown, but the fact that the scan is made from an impression, rather than directly from the tooth can introduce risk of error. The process can take up to a month, and a second appointment is required to fit the restoration, meaning that a temporary is required to protect the tooth in the meantime.

Digital Record Keeping

At Plaza Dental we have been fully computerised since before the turn of the century. This enables us to keep all your records, including your X-Rays, treatment records and correspondence linked together. This information is stored on our secure server and allows us to easily access information about any previous concerns or treatment to improve our ability to make accurate diagnoses.

In addition all radiographs (x-rays) taken at Plaza Dental use a digital system which not only improves the quality of the image, but reduces the dose required to the patient by over 50% compared to traditional x-rays.


Practice Accreditation

We were part of the first wave of practices Australia-wide to achieve the new practice accreditation standards. This means we uphold the highest standards in infection control, patient safety and confidentiality.