Childrens’ Dentistry

Childrens’ Dentistry

For children our aim is to help them establish good habits, which will last a lifetime. This may include demonstrating and helping them with correct cleaning methods, and discussing healthy eating habits. For the first time in over 50 years decay rates in children are rising. We want our patients to reverse this trend and grow up with beautiful healthy teeth.

At Plaza Dental we have 4 practitioners that really enjoy all aspects of Children’s Dentistry.

Our Oral Health Therapist (OHT), Tessa Pate, and our two female dentists, Monika Behrens and Rachel Hartl and our most experienced/senior (oldest) dentist, Phil Deane.

For those of you who aren’t sure what an OHT is- Tessa has been university trained to treat both children and adults. Her Therapy degree concentrates on the  Children’s Dental Care. This means that she is focused on the particular needs and concerns of kids. The Dental Therapist may treat a wide range of patients who have high treatment needs, such as those who:

-are dentally anxious

-are medically compromised

-are physically disabled

-have learning disabilities

-have high levels of untreated decay

-are unable to access regular dental care in the general dental service

Tessa works closely with all the dentists here. Once the children reach the age of 17, they will continue to see Tessa for their Hygeine appoints, but move to the care of their chosen dentist.

As dentists, Phil, Rachel and Monika can see children of all ages and abilities- from birth right through to adulthood.

For the more dentally anxious children where treatment is unable to be carried out in the chair, Phil and Monika are regularly treating children under General Anaesthetic at the Mackay Mater Hospital.