Dr Phillip Deane

Dr Phillip Deane


Phillip Deane is a local lad, born and raised in Mackay and a third generation resident. His undergraduate degree was completed at the University of Queensland. He worked for the School Dental Services and some local private dental practices before commencing his own practice.

He has over 30 years of experience in general dentistry and understands what works and what does not. Continuing professional development is part of the regime to allow the quality provision of most aspects of general dental care. Mackay has changed greatly in that time and so has dentistry. Interest in technology blends with dental care in the provision of CAD-CAM ceramics for timely and conservative restoration of significant tooth loss and is an area of interest.

He is a long standing member of the Australian Dental Association and has served on the local committee from time to time for over ten years. Working in a group practice has enhanced the collegial aspect of managing individual patients with benefits for all. There is also a working relationship with a network of specialist dentists when this is required.

Phillip enjoys keeping fit and is an enthusiastic multihull sailor. Power boats probably still have some purpose.